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The travel agency Limoservices & Travel naturally evolved out of our existing luxury chauffeur service that has been operating for decades. It is now a highly recommended tour agency for all your travel needs for both leisure and business in the Italian capital.

Passion for Quality Tourism

The founder and owner of Limoservices & Travel, Mr. Paolo Di Gangi, received his professional training in the world of transport at an early age. As a young bus driver, he drove all over Europe transporting visitors from around the world. His interactions with Americans, Japanese, Chinese, and many other cultures sparked his interest in diverse cultures and led him to be curious and enjoy meeting new people and discovering new perspectives.

Di Gangi’s formative experiences, along with his love of quality tourism, led him to later specialize in limousine services where he was finally able to come into more direct contact with his clients. With his unique background, he is able to quickly gain the trust of his clients and introduce them to the beauty of Italy. Not only can he show you his native Rome but also Florence and Tuscany where he lived and worked for nearly 20 years, and the rest of Italy that he has explored extensively.

In 2005, Mr. Di Gangi expanded from leisure travel to include business travel as well. As the owner-driver of his own luxury car and minivan service he transferred managers to and from meetings, was on-call for various embassies, and arranged for other services as needed. He is always very attentive to the business travelers’ need for discretion and punctuality, allowing his clients to take care of their affairs in Rome with confidence and peace-of-mind. He also offers them a chance to relax during downtime by taking them on city tours, to great local restaurants, and to experience a different side of the Italian capital.

Di Gangi’s continued professional enrichment and his desire to always offer the best services to his clients has certainly been feed by his profound satisfaction from the positive feedback he gets as well as his many happy return clients. With this in mind, he looks forward to being able to continue to expand his services and maintain his high standards in his new endeavor.

Mission Statement

The travel agency Limoservices & Travel’s mission is to offer its clients the highest quality services in Rome and Italy and to fulfill all their leisure and business travel needs. The owner and his team are able to do so thanks to years of experience in the tourist sector and thanks to their carefully chosen external collaborators selected based on their professional abilities gained through long experience.

Like many of our clients tell us in their feedback, “Trusting in Limoservices & Travel is a guarantee of quality and also a pleasure!” And our objective is just that – to always maintain our high standards of quality and to give each visitor the opportunity to create incredible memories of their time spent in Italy experiencing its beauty, food, wine and culture.

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