Terms and Conditions

Price variation and the availability of published offers

The travel offers available for sale on the website of Limoservices & Travel S.r.l. are regulated by the terms of sale; they are normally valid for the entire time in which they are present on the website, until sold out, and can be subject to change at any time.

The photos shown in the descriptions of the services are purely illustrative and are not contractually binding.

Use of contents from the website

The website can be used only to utilize the services contained therein.

The client is forbidden to reproduce, modify, duplicate, copy, distribute, sell, or in any way use for commercial purposes the website or the services within the website, except with the authorization of Limoservices & Travel Srl.

It is permissible to download or print a copy of the website contents only for personal use or company use without commercial profit or gain.

The unauthorized use of the website, or the material contained within, is a violation of the laws that apply to intellectual property rights.

The client is required to maintain all the indications regarding brand and copyright on the downloaded or copied files. The use of website material on any other website is prohibited.

Furthermore, it is forbidden to use the services for fraudulent purposes, as a game, or with the purpose of damaging Limoservices & Travel Srl or the suppliers of products or services.

General Contract Conditions

The objective and content of the sales contract of tours and tourist packages.

The travel agency Limoservices & Travel Srl performs the activity of intermediary for single tourist services and the activity of organization and sale of tourist packages.

The services and tourist packages shown on the website are offered for sale with the conditions described on each dedicated page, with the exception of any variations communicated at the time of the reservation request.

The travel contract consists of several integral parts: the general conditions that follow, the description of the tourist service as per the website content, and the final confirmation of the reservation that the traveler will receive before travel.

By agreeing to the sales and purchase proposal of tourist services, the traveler declares to have read and accepted, for both him/herself and/or for the person(s) for which he/she has reserved the services, both the travel contract and these general conditions.

1.      Definitions

For the purpose of the sales contract of tourist services the following definitions apply:

  1. Seller: the travel agency Limoservices & Travel Srl that sells or offers for sale single tourist services and tourist packages.
  2. Client: person who intends to finalize a contract or is authorized to travel according to a finalized contract, in the scope of the application of the laws regarding contracts for organized tourism.
  3. In the case of force majeure: a situation that does not depend on the parties involved, such as a particular weather event (hurricane, earthquake, flooding, etc.), etc.
  4. Inevitable or extraordinary circumstances: a situation that is beyond the control of the parties involved, for which the consequences could not have been avoided even by taking all reasonable precautions.

2. Tourist package concept

The concept of the tourist package is the following:

The combination of at least two different types of tourist services, such as:

  1. Transport of passengers;
  2. Lodging in a hotel or other type of accommodation that is not an integral part in the transport of passengers and is not meant to become a permanent residence.
  3. A guided visit, tasting, or lunch in a restaurant, entrance to monuments and museums, or any other tourist service that does not constitute an integral part in a tourist service indicated in 1), and 2), for the purpose of the same trip.

3. Price validity

The prices of the tourist services and of the travel packages described in the website are valid for the current calendar year and until their variation, which can occur at any moment that the seller deems necessary.

By making a reservation, the client declares and affirms to have read and accepted the general conditions of sale in effect at the time of reservation.

4. Reservation

  1. After the finalization of the sale contract for tourist services, the travel agency Limoservices & Travel Srl will supply the client with a confirmation of the reservation, or a voucher, either in an electronic or printed version.
  2. The contract includes the right to access a guarantee fund established by the following Art. 12.

Pursuant to art. 32, comma 2, Cod. Tur., in the case of contracts finalized remotely or not in a commercial business location (as respectively defined by artt. 50 and 45 of D. Lgs. 206/2005), the seller reserves the right to communicate to the client in written form the exclusion of the right to cancel the contract established by artt. 64 and ss. of D. Lgs 206/2005.

5. Payment

  1. A client who wants to make a reservation directly on the website must proceed with the payment of the entire amount indicated in order to complete the reservation.
  2. The payment of a reservation on the website can be done with PayPal or a credit card. For reservations made over the phone or via email it is possible to make other arrangements for payment such as with a bank wire transfer.
  3. If for the date requested by the client it is not possible to provide the service or services requested, the seller will propose an alternative date that the client will be free to accept or decline. If it is not possible to reach an agreement for an available date for both parties, the seller will reimburse the client for the entire amount paid, without any additional fees.
  4. If the seller does not receive the entire amount due for the reservation, this will lead to the automatic termination of the contract.

6. Price and invoicing

The total amount owed by the client, as indicated in the reservation and confirmation of the services, is subsequently also indicated on the sales invoice.

For the purposes of electronic invoicing in effect as of 01/01/2019, the client is required to communicate his/her personal data to the seller, including: first and last name or company name, complete address, tax code only for Italian Company.

7. Changes or cancellation of tourist package before departure

  1. The agency Limoservices & Travel Srl reserves the right to unilaterally modify the conditions of the contract, other than the price, where the change is of little importance.

All communications will be done in written form and sent via email.

  1. If before the start of tourist services the seller is obliged to modify in a significant manner one or more principal characteristics of the services, or is not able to satisfy the specific requests made by the traveler after agreeing to the service, or proposes to increase the price of the services more than 10%, the client can accept the proposed change or can cancel the contract, without paying a penalty.
  2. In the case of cancellation, the seller can offer the client a replacement package of the same or higher quality that the client can then accept or decline.
  3. For cancellations because of force majeure, or in any case different from those indicated above, if the seller cancels then the seller must return to the client any payments already made, without applying any expense or penalty for either party.
  4. The amount to be returned to the client will never be more than the amount that the client paid.

8. Cancellation by the client

In the case of purchase online the right to cancel the contract is excluded, because it is a type of “remote contract” according to the artt. 45 and 47 of the Consumer Code that dictates and lists the cases for exception.

At the signing the contract, in any case, the seller reserves the power to establish different conditions for cancellation penalties.

9. Responsibilities of the seller and obligations of the client

  1. The agency Limoservices & Travel Srl is responsible for the fulfillment of the tourist services detailed in the sales contract, regardless of whether these services may be performed by internal collaborators or external suppliers.
  2. The client, in accordance with the obligation to behave in fairness and in good faith outlined by Article 1175 and 1375 of the Civil Code, has the responsibility to inform the seller in a timely manner, given the circumstances of the event, of any problems or issues occurring during the fulfillment of a tourist service outlined in the contract.
  3. In the case of any issues arising during the fulfillment of a tourist service, the seller is obliged to resolve any eventual problems in a timely manner either directly or though a representative unless this is impossible or excessively onerous, taking into account the extent of the problem and the value of the tourist service being performed.
  4. If the seller is not able to resolve the problem or issue that has arisen in a timely manner, the client has a right to a reduction in price (to be agreed upon with the seller based on several factors which will vary from case to case), except if the seller demonstrates that the cause of the problem is attributable to the client or to an unrelated third party not involved in the fulfillment of the tourist service or if the problem was inevitable or unforeseeable or caused by extraordinary or inevitable circumstances.

10. Limits of refunds and statute of limitations

Refunds or compensation are pursuant to Art. 43 and 46 of the Tourism Code and the relevant statute of limitations outlined in the code and in any case within the limits established by the International Convention that regulate the performance of services that make up a tourist package as well as Art. 1783 and 1784 of Italian Civil Code, with the exception of personal harm which are not subject to predetermined limits.

The right to a reduction in price or compensation for the modification of the sales contract of a tourist package, or a substitute package, is set at two years beginning from the date of return by the traveler to his/her place of departure.

The right to compensation for personal damages is set at three years beginning from the date of return by the traveler to his/her place of departure or in the longest period laid out for the compensation of personal damages from the provisions that regulate the services included in the package.

11. Complaints/Claims

Any failure in the execution of the contract should be contested in a timely manner by the client during the trip, so that the seller or the seller’s representatives (such as the driver, guide or hostess) can verify the merit of the complaint and propose a solution whenever possible.

The client must also send a written complaint by e-mail to the address info@limotravelrome.com  within and not after three working days from the service date in question, by not doing so, the penalty is the revocation of the right to make a claim.

  1. Guarantee Fund (art. 50 and 51 Tourism Code)

Contracts in organized tourism are assisted by the appropriate guarantees by the seller that assure, in the case of insolvency or bankruptcy, either by the intermediary or by the organizer, to reimburse the amount paid to purchase the tourist package.

The agency Limoservices & Travel Srl is responsible for the services described in the website and, as the organizer, is covered by a Travel Guarantee Fund which details can be supplied to the client upon request.

In order to avoid revocation of this guarantee, it is advisable to keep in mind the terms and limits for making a claim. It is understood that the expiration of the term due to impossibility of presenting the application and not to inactivity of the client, allows remission in the same terms.

13. Operational Changes

Taking into account the fact that reservations of tourist services and packages can be made well in advance, please note that the time and place of departure of tours might be established at a later date with respect to the date of the reservation, allowing for the necessary time for a correct organization of the service.

The exact time can be modified over the phone or via email up until the day before the departure, after being agreed to by both the client and the agency Limoservices & Travel Srl.

14. Privacy Information

A client that reserves one or more tourist services on the website declares to have read and accepted the privacy information regarding the processing of personal data.

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