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Florence tour and transfer

Have you begun your trip planning for Italy, but don’t know where to start? You know you want to travel to Italy for your next vacation and you know you will only have a week or ten days tops to see everything you want to see. Most likely both Rome and Florence are on your list, so did you know that there is a fantastic way to transfer between the two of them and see something spectacular along the way?



See something special on your way to Florence or Rome

The area between Rome and Florence has some of the most beautiful countryside in all of Italy, dotted with charming villages, vineyards and olive groves. It goes through three of Italy’s most famous regions: Lazio, Umbria, and Tuscany. They represent the best in natural beauty, history, and artistic treasures.

Expert travel advice for going between Rome and Florence

We have been assisting travelers in making the most of their Italian vacations for decades, and our top piece of expert travel advice is to hire an English-speaking driver with a luxury vehicle to transfer you and your luggage from Rome to Florence while using the day to explore one of the many fantastic sights along the way. Remember, this is a private transfer so we can fully customize it to fit your personal preferences and dreams for your Italian holiday, all you have to do is drop us an email.

Here is a list of the top places between Rome and Florence that you can visit during a transfer tour with us:

  • Viterbo
  • Siena
  • Chianti Area
  • Perugia
  • Assisi
  • Orvieto
  • Montalcino
  • Pisa
  • Lucca


We could list another 100 hundred awesome sites on the way from Rome to Florence, but we will try to get to more in future blog posts to give you inspiration when planning your next trip to Italy.


The best part of using your transfer-tour from Rome to Florence or Florence to Rome to see some other sites and cities in Tuscany or Umbria is that these places are not far from each other, and you can easily see several of them during your day trip with transfer. We can assist you in deciding the perfect itinerary, if you want to focus on wine tasting in Montalcino and visiting the town of Pienza or visiting the beautiful and sacred town of Assisi and then tasting chocolate in Perugia or participate in a truffle hunt and then walk the medieval streets of Siena… the possibilities are almost endless.


Don’t waste a day of your trip to Italy!

Many people think of a transfer day as a wasted day where they will have to spend the entire time simply getting from point A to point B, such as from Rome to Florence. However, there is absolutely no reason to waste an entire day of your trip just getting to your next hotel. Take full advantage of every single day of your trip to Italy by following our expert advice and seeing the beautiful places between Florence and Rome as you travel in the comfort of an air-conditioned vehicle with a calm and friendly driver who knows all the best sites to see.


The best way to get from Rome to Florence or vice versa

Driving by car is an absolute must to get from Rome to Florence and see something along the way because these locations are not on the main train or bus lines. Hiring a professional English-speaking driver will also make your day more comfortable and relaxing, and you can leave your luggage in the car while you explore and never have to use a map or find yourself lost in Italy. Your driver will take you right to your next hotel at the end of the day so you can start exploring the next town on your itinerary.


Tons of itineraries for transfer tours from Rome to Florence

Our upcoming blogs will feature many different sample itineraries, and of course we are happy to customize our tours and transfers to meet your needs, no matter what your group size, interests and pick up and drop off location are, because everything we do is tailored to your travel needs in Italy. Get in touch to let us know the number of people in your travel group and the type of itinerary you are dreaming of and we can create the perfect trip from you, whether it is a one-day tour or a tour lasting several days or weeks.

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