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Rome pompeii Amalfi private toursI founded this tour operator company in 2018 to offer custom and private tours in Rome and all over Italy.

My team and I are dedicated to catering to the diverse needs of our clients for travel throughout the country. We aim to provide a unique and personalized experience for all our customers that is very different from mass tourism where people are treated like sheep herded through fleeting experiences and rushed to the next stop.

We offer slow tourism, so you can savor the places you visit and get to know the culture while meeting locals along the way who are thrilled to share their country with you.

What is the difference between mass tourism and personalized travel?

As mass tourism continues to grow and people travel on packaged trips in large groups, they often miss out on understanding the culture of the place they are visiting. Whirlwind trips that visit 10 cities in 10 days, change hotels every night, and have a strict schedule to adhere to, often leave the traveler without a real appreciation for the places and things they have seen.

Instead, with our private trips from Rome, our guests may visit the same landmarks and museums, but by traveling on a private tour from Rome that has been crafted to fit their needs and desires, they get so much more out of the experience and are fully engaged in everything they do.

How we plan your private tours in Rome and Italy

italian food and wineWhen planning private trips from Rome to the rest of Italy, the first step is for us to converse with you, the prospective traveler.

Together, we can decide on the length of travel and desired destinations as well as activities that align with your interests and expectations for a memorable holiday. Whether you want to explore the unique Vatican museums, enjoying a food tour in Rome, go wine tasting in Tuscany or visit the Amalfi Coast or Pompeii, we can tailor the tour to your preferences and needs. We do not want to sell tours to tourists, instead we want to create experiences for true travelers.

The next step is for us to send you an itinerary proposal and cost for your private Italian trip. Besides things like wonderful hotels and skip-the-lines Vatican entrance tickets, we will include traveling with a private English-speaking driver in a comfortable deluxe car or minivan, along with private guides to reveal the hidden gems of each city.

Having English-speaking locals to show you around significantly enhances your travel experience and ensures you get away from the crowds and enjoy authentic Italy.

While traveling, your dedicated drivers and guides as well as the travel support team are all ready to assist you with any changes or last-minute requests. They will ensure you and your party are taken care of every step of the way, from the moment you arrive at the Rome Fiumicino airport.

Some of the advantages of private tours in Rome and Italy

  1. Your belongings are safe and your luggage is no hassle at all. When you travel with a custom private tour in Rome and Italy, you can feel secure knowing that your belongings are safe in the private vehicle carefully watched by your driver. This means that during longer day trips and transfers, like from Rome Italy to Pompeii or Rome Amalfi Coast you can relax and not worry about your luggage, unlike when traveling by train. In fact, one of the biggest complaints for travelers to Italy is the difficulty in dealing with luggage when traveling by train, which you can avoid all together.
  2. You can be spontaneous and call the shots. Another advantage of using our services for your private tours in Rome and Italy is that traveling in a small, private group with a custom itinerary is relaxing and allows you to focus on the fun. You can be more spontaneous and make changes based on the circumstances and available options, and it is reassuring to know that everything is possible because you are in charge.
  3. You stay healthy and face less risks. After the tragic experience of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have come to realize the importance of traveling safely in terms of health. Traveling in a small group of friends or family minimizes the risk of getting sick and gives you much better odds of having a healthy, happy vacation in Rome and Italy.

Top experiences to include in private tours in Rome and Italy

  • Rome Italy to Pompeii – many people miss Pompeii because they do not know how close it is to Rome (just 2.5 hours each way) and what a great day trip it is with an English-speaking driver and luxury minivan. We can create a day trip for you from Rome Italy to Pompeii and back in the same day, even including a stop at Vesuvius, the still active volcano.
  • Rome private tour with Vatican entrance – it is easy to feel daunted by all the things there are to do in Rome, but with us, it will feel easy during your Rome private tour with Vatican entrance. We will reserve your skip-the-lines Vatican entrance tickets and drive you there to make sure you are on time and meet up with your private English-speaking guide before spending the rest of the day seeing all the other fantastic sights.
  • Rome Amalfi Coast transfer – many people visit both Rome and the Amalfi Coast, but are confused about how to get from one to the next. Why not spend the day exploring the area while also changing cities? We can design a custom tour with pick up in Rome, sightseeing along the way and drop off at your hotel on the Amalfi Coast.

Our promise to you for private tours in Rome and Italy

Our innovative approach and personalized service is definitely the absolute best way to experience trips from Rome to the rest of Italy. It is a new approach for the 21st century that puts the focus back on the individual traveler and not simply checking things off a list.

Traditional mass tourism with large groups rushing from one place to another trying to “see it all” is outdated and unenjoyable. Our promise to you is that our private tours in Rome and Italy will allow you to relax and enjoy your personalized experience without feeling rushed so you can savor every moment of your Italian holiday.

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