What to do in Rome After Arriving on an Early Morning Flight

after arriving Rome airport

It is very common when arriving into the Rome Airport on an international flight to land early in the morning…sometimes very early like 6am. Perhaps during low tourist season your hotel will let you come and check in early and give you your room right away, but don’t count on it.

More likely than not, your room will still have the previous night’s occupants and you will have to amuse yourselves for hours until after lunch when your room is finally available. One option that many hotels offer is an extra fee for early arrival. However this can cost a lot, sometimes the same as the nightly rate for just a few hours, so it might not be worth it.

For international travelers suffering from some jetlag, wandering around an unknown city by themselves while tired is obviously not ideal. But we have the answer! We can arrange for a friendly driver to meet you and your family, group of friends, or business group directly at the airport with a luxury car or one or more luxury minivans.

At the airport, you will have a hassle-free arrival and then be entertained during a morning and early afternoon of sightseeing until it is time for check in, usually around 2 or 3pm.

Expert tips for Fiumicino or Ciampino Airport early morning arrival

Keep reading for our expert tips on how to make the most of an early morning arrival to Rome Fiumicino (also called Leonardo da Vinci International) or Ciampino Airport on the first day of your Italian journey and it might just turn out to be the best part of your trip.

Tips for a smooth transfer – airport, hotel and luggage!

  • Arrange ahead of time for a car and driver to be at your disposal for the entire morning, until official check in time when you will be able to use your room.
  • Book your hotel through us, not only do we know the best hotels in the great locations around the city, we can also let you know the hotel check in times and coordinate for arrival so all you have to think about is enjoying yourselves.
  • Let the driver keep your luggage safely stowed in the vehicle as you sightsee and enjoy getting to know Rome on your arrival day.

What to see in Rome for a first time visitor or those with a short stay

colosseum visit

  • For first time Rome visitors, a Rome Discovery tour is a great idea because in just a few hours you will cover the most important sites from the comfort of an air-conditioned vehicle as you get an overview of the city and the layout of the historic city center.
  • Enjoy breakfast overlooking the city with a delicious local pastry and cappuccino (a little caffeine and sugar to keep you awake!), don’t worry your driver will know the best spots depending on what you want: a local neighborhood bar, a bar with a view over the city, or perhaps an upscale café in the center of Piazza Navona.
  • Hit the sites that are always open and don’t require a reservation such as the Trevi Fountain or Spanish Steps that are quiet in the early morning and so much better without the crush of tourists that will arrive later in the day.
  • You are already up early so why not have us book an early entrance to the Vatican or Colosseum so you don’t have to wake up early on other days (if you are traveling with kids they will thank you!).

Activities around the capital for people who have already visited

ostia antica

  • Visit the archeological park of Ostia Antica which is just 20 minutes from the Airport and jump right into the history of Ancient Rome with these incredible ruins including a theater, apartment buildings, religious sites, and much more.
  • Visit the seaside town of Anzio to enjoy a stroll along the beach to see Nero’s caves or other treasures in the archeological park of the Imperial Palace built by the Emperor Nero and expanded by successive Emperors such as Augustus. Then enjoy a meal of fresh fish at one of the charming restaurants on the boardwalk. Besides its ancient history, this was also an important Allied landing site during WWII.
  • Experience the Campo de’ Fiori outdoor Roman market before it gets busy to see all the fresh produce and yummy Italian foods and perhaps pick up some delicious fruit like cherries, figs or plums (depending on the season) to enjoy.
  • Take a photography tour while you have Rome to yourself. The morning light in Rome is spectacular and being able to take photographs without random people in them blocking your shot is a very special experience reserved for early birds. Your driver will know the best places to take you depending on what kind of photography you want to do such as buildings, fountains, bridges, overlooks, ecc.

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